• Cleco Fastener Starter Kit-Pliers-Fasteners-Clamps


    Cleco Fastener Starter Kit

    Not sure where to start with Cleco's? We get it.

    Here's a starter kit to get things rolling !

    The Goods:

    1-Cleco Plier

    5-Cleco Clamps

    10-1/8" Cleco Fasteners

    10-3/16" Cleco Fasteners

    -The Cleco fasteners are designed to locate and hold your sheetmetal projects together. 
    Simply drill the hole & install the fastener to hold you material in a fixed /no slip position while you shape / weld / or bend panels.

    -The clamps are to hold stuff- you're the fabricator-get creative broooooo! :)

    -Pliers- they ply stuff- made to spread the fasteners and clamps in order to install them. Clamps and fasteners are spring loaded to hold them in place when the pliers are removed.

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