• Roll Cage Base Plate Weld Mount-5"


    Universal Roll Cage Heavy Duty Mount Plates

    Heavy Duty 3/16" thickĀ 

    Laser cutĀ 

    Need to mount a roll cage to a truck bed / cab interior / wherever

    Flat laser cut HD 3/16" steel plates-perfectly flat.

    Fits large diameter tubing-up to 2-1/2" O.D.

    5-14" x 5-1/4" Square

    .420 Dia. Holes -fits 3/8" bolts perfectly. Easy to drill out for large bolts if necessary.

    *Second and third Images are samples for reference only-tube and hook not included. (pictured is 1-3/4" tube)

    *Sorry-If you only purchase one plate they are expensive due to shipping weights-Ships priority Mail!!!!!

    Get some-build something rad !