• Trick Tabs-Whip Tabs 3/16" with 1/2" Hole


    Our Heavy Duty 3/16" thick trick tabs are what you need to mount your heavy off-road whips.

    Don't risk loosing your whips and damaging your vehicle with a 1/8" whip tab !

    Whips are heavy and when you are hammering on the throttle off-road hitting jumps /whoops /etc. this throws you whips all over the place. Have a piece of mind with our heavy duty tabs that they wont bend on you!!!!! (If you roll or crash that might be a different story-so don't crash.)

    Great for many other heavy duty fabrication applications

    Product Features:

    -Laser Cut-CNC Bent 3/16" steel

    -1-1/2" wide

    -1-7/16" Tall

    -1-7/16" Length

    -1/2" Hole

    -Fits 1- 3/4" and 1/1/2" Tube nicely-can easily be modified to fit other sizes.


    Free Priority Mail shipping included in price for 2+ Tabs