• Seat Belt End Race Harness Clip In 5 4 3 Point Steel Mounting Tab With Eyebolt


    Looking to switch out your harness ends or replace some old ones?

    The harness ends are made for your 3 4 or 5 point race harness ends. 
    Simply Loop the belts around this harness tab securely and clip the eyebolt.

    We offer these in both chrome and black finish. 

    These will work with 3" harness straps-you will need to fold the strap over to pull through.

    The slot is 2-1/4" Wide
    Quantity of 1= 1 eyebolt-washer-lock washer-nut-harness clip tab

    Please check your specific application needs. 

    These are commonly used with many seat belt applications. Single shoulder. 3 point,5 point and more !!!

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