• Polaris RZR Bungs XP1000 / XP1K Cage Connectors / Adapters (10 Pack) 1 3/4"


    The Polaris RZR XP 1000 2 Seat detachable rear bumper bung kit.

    Fits all 2014-2020 all XP 1000 Models including Dynamix/Turbo S

    What you get:

    -6-Bungs for utilizing factory mounting points.

    -4-bung halves/ 2 pairs made for mating 1-3/4" x .095/.120 wall tube . (Commonly used to add rear bumpers)

    Product Features:

    -Solid cold rolled steel machined parts-not cast.

    -Ends have a flange so they will not fall into the tube.

    -Front Bungs have a machined slot to hold the bolt heads when tightening.

    -Front bungs also feature an engineered easy feed machined wire access port which is tapered to guide wires being run for lighting and accessories. (wire not included)

    -Works with factory doors

    -Most common builds use .095 wall tube. We offer .120 wall bungs as well for you gnarly animals.

    >>>Why grab the extra bungs? Its much easier to install a cage with a 2 piece set up. Damage the rear bumper-remove it easily and fab a new one !<<<