UTVDistribution Polaris Steering Wheel Puller. 

    Our Polaris Steering wheel puller is a must have for all fabricators / race teams and recreational riders.

    Throw this in your Toolbox-your friends will be stoked you have it !

    Product Features:

    -Billet Aluminum construction.

    -Heavy Duty Center Bolt for maximum leverage

    -Socket Head Allen Screws for outer edge pressure.

    Please read these important details-This will save both of us headaches !

    This puller unit is designed for Polaris Vehicles with the 2 threaded holes in the OEM steering wheel. We recommend you pop the center steering wheel cover off to verify that your steering wheel has the 2 holes.

    Due to aftermarket/ used vehicles and new vehicles parts being swapped out frequently its worth a look!!!

    Another important tip is be extremely careful if your vehicle has a power steering unit. Believe it or not the power steering unit is very sensitive to hammering and impact tools. Use only handtools- when removing the steering wheel.