• Optima Battery Mount Steel Dimple Die Box Tray Red Top Yellow Top-Deluxe Model


    Product Features:

    Perfect for many applications:

    Custom desert UTV builds, 4x4, pre runners, baja bugs,rock crawlers &more.

    -Heavy duty steel construction.

    -Dimpled died to add strength and lighten up the assembly. (Looks bad ass as well!)

    -2 piece system includes 4 bolts to hold assembly together.

    -Made to either weld to your custom build or mount at your discretion.
     Optima battery box.

    -Works with all Blue Top, Red Top, or Yellow Top Optima batteries which are GROUP 34 on Optima's website.

    -The battery box mount works with Optima batteries that have vertical or horizontal battery terminals.

    (Please check you battery specs before ordering-saves all of us a headache.)

    -MAXIMUM BATTERY SIZE: 6 3/4” X 9 3/4” X 6 3/4” TALL 

    -Product Note: will not work with Optima 34R series as there are side tangs for factory battery tray

    -We strive to provide you as much information as possible on this unit.

    -Ultimately its up to you to verify your specific needs. :)

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